SPHINX parteciperà al Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit

24/05/2018 - Notizie ed eventi
SPHINX parteciperà al Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit

Sierra Wireless is organizing the sixth edition of the Innovation Summit on June 5th in Paris.

Sierra Wireless  Innovation Summit gathers during one day companies and developers from  IoT sector. Last year, more than 400 companies and experts from more than 30 countries met during this yearly event.
This year, the sixth edition will be taking place in Paris, on June 5th. Attendees will be helped on how to create and accelerate the deployment of an IoT project.
Sierra Wireless experts will be there to share the latest technologies and solutions which enable the companies to explore the possibilities of IoT. The day will be organized around hands-on sessions with live demos.
Topics overview :
  • open source technology,
  • cloud-to-edge,
  • 5G,
  • IoT security.
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